Corona measures

Exclusive gatherings during Corona

At our location we have taken a numbers of measures to organise meetings in accordance with the guidelines of the government (RIVM). Due to the unique layout of the location and the spacious plenary room, it is possible to meet at a safe distance for both large and small groups. Please read here more about the possibilities.


Exclusively available

The location is rented exclusively.

This means that only your guests will have access to the location and all facilities are therefore exclusively at your disposal. This limits unnecessary nuisance. In mutual consultation, a set up will be prepared for your meeting that complies with the applicable legislation.

Due to the exclusivity, we can guarantee a quiet environment at all times and guarantee your privacy.

Multi purpose usage

The special layout offers possibilities.

Guests can use the plenary room, the front house, the sitting area by the fireplace, the kitchen and the stage. The historic showroom is very spacious and due to its special size, guests have a lot of personal space and the whole space is excellent ventilated.

Below you will find an overview of the location with the walking routes and a series of setups for inspiration.


We are here to help you to organise.

Organizing a meeting can be stressful. We are happy to advise and support you with our experience. With customization and a perfectionist attitude, we strive to ensure that both the preparations as well as the event itself will be perfect.

You are welcome for a tour and we would like to tell you more about the possibilities.


Wilt u graag zien hoe de locatie is ingedeeld en inzicht krijgen in de ruimtes? Klik hier voor meer informatie.

Opstellingen 1-tallen

Wenst u een opstelling waarbij alle gasten op 1,5 meter van elkaar plaatsnemen? Klik hier voor inspiratie.

Opstellingen 2-tallen

Wenst u een opstelling conform de horeca richtlijnen in 2-tallen? Klik hier voor meer inspiratie.


Floor plan and capacities


Please note:

- Mentioned capacities below are indicative, the arrangement will be determined in collaboration with the organization.

-Mentioned numbers do not include staff and facilitators, this means that the actual capacity may be higher.


Capacities Regular Corona
  Average Maximum 1 person 2 people
Configuration without tables        
Circle of chairs     16 20
Square of chairs     16 24
Configurations with tables        
U-configuration 25 35 11
Carre - open square 30 40 10 20
Block - closed square 28 32 10 16
School 24 24 20 30
Dining - long tables 35 75 20 28
Banquet - round tables 30 40 20
Theatre 40 95 24 44
Reception - standing tables 50 100 22 46


Please find more information about the Corona measure in the link below.

Configurations (1,5 meter distance)

Please find below an overview of the different meeting configurations and capacities


Configurations (in couples 1,5 meter distance)

Please find below an overview of the different meeting configurations and capacities