1877 | Influential residents

The historic Toussainthuis is named after the renowned Dutch writer Anna Louise Bosboom Toussaint (1812-1886). She and her husband the classical painter Johannes Bosboom have built the property around 1840. Bosboom was painting in is atelier located on the ground floor and his wife was writing books upstairs. Over the years following, many artists have visited the house and a wide range of paintings and Dutch book were made here.

1911 | Public Library

Around 1886, the street was renamed from Veenlaan to Toussaintkade, as a memory to the influential inhabitants. From 1911 onwards the public library of The Hague took place in the house. In these days, the visitors would read in the main area instead of taking books home. Princes Wilhelmina was growing up across the street in the Noordeinde Palaceand visited the library frequently. Around 1922 the library moved to the adjacent building on the Bilderdijkstraat.


1923 | Dancing Constandse

Around 1923, after the library moved out, the new owner started a classical dancing school named Constandse. This school was quite a daring concept for this period where religion and a traditional lifestyle were widespread in The Netherlands. However, the school proved to be a significant success and for almost seventy years dancing school Constandse functioned as a important social gathering place for young and old.

1994 | Theater Toussaint

Since the early nineties the house has made a transformation to a theater restaurant. Over dinner the guests could enjoy music and a live performance on the stage. As a result of the economic crisis, the theater was closed, the house was sold and a period of decay followed and the state of the house deteriorated. Recently, after a intensive renovation, the house has opened her doors again and is available now to gather on qualitative setting.